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Colombia is the second country with the greatest biodiversity of the world and the first
with the greatest quantity of wet lands (Quantity, 36 – Humboldt, 2016); located in the
middle of the Andes mountains; and its territory is privileged by the aperture of three
mountain ranges at the place named the Colombian massif (eastern mountain range,
western mountain range and central mountain range), shaping an imposing mountain
formation, rich in moorlands and snowfalls, that runs through the national territory from
south to north, from the Purace Natural National Park and Las Papas Moorland, crossing
the national territory to San Lucas mountain range and the Paramillo mountain knot in
the north of the country at the borders of the coastal departments of the Caribbean sea.
Besides that, it has
two mountain range in the middle of the snowy called Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and
also Sierra de la Macarena. The first one on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the
second at the eastern planes.

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