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Flagship species: Vultur gryphus, (Andean Condor)

The Andean Condor is the biggest and heavier flying bird in the world. It reaches up to 3,3 meters wide in size. The adult Condors are black, they have white feathers on the back of the wings and they show a white necklace. Over their heads and part of their neck they have short, thick and rough feathers, as a result of the adaptation to their scavenging habits. The skin in this zone is soft and loose forming folds of reddish-purpurea coloration (Hilty & Brown, 1986).

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Pyrrhura calliptera-Jhon Manrique
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Flagship species: Pyrrhura calliptera .Periquito aliamarillo (Brown – breasted Parakeet)

Endemic bird proper of the eastern Andes of north Colombia, live in medium familiar groups, in very busting flocks. It nests mainly in log cavities, in elevations between 1,600 and 3,400 msnm, all in the foggy forest and also in montane forests, forest edges, wet lands and subwet lands.

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Flagship species: Eremophila alpestris peregrine, Alondra cornuda (Horned Lark)

The Alondra is a bird that lives in Bogotá and in some zones of the Department of Boyaca. It is a species categorized under danger of extinction because of the loss of native vegetable coverage native at the plateau. Alondras usually walk in pairs and run along open areas, often on a ground with little or no vegetation. Unlike the habitats preferred by the majority of birds, the sand, land and gravel floors are their home. Usually it is observed as if it were crouched with its short legs and the body in low position. Its plumage is uniform brown on the back and whitish in the belly; it has black and yellow unique marks on the head, with short black horns occasionally visible.

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picummus olivaceus
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Badge species: Picumnus olivaceus, Carpinterito olivaceo (Olivaceous Piculet)

The olive woodpecker, Colombian carpenter or olive Picolete is an almost endemic bird of Colombia (Picumus olivaceus). It is a tiny carpenter, slightly similar to a climber with a short and chiseled beak and short tail. Its plumage is not so remarkable: olive brown above and more pale below. You can see the dark brown crown with small white spots. Both sexes are similar to each other, but the males have an orange patch in the crown.

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Flagship species; Rupicola peruvianus, Gallito de Roca (Andean Cock – of – the – rock )

The Santa Maria Municipality is located in the area of Vallede Tensa, Boyaca Department. It counts with a wide altitudinal range and several ecosystems with a broad altitudinal range and several y varied ecosystems and a very interesting gamma of tourism nature. Besides, it is a region with beautiful and cute landscapes, constituted by majestic mountains and their respective branches and slopes.

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