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picummus olivaceus
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Badge species: Picumnus olivaceus, Carpinterito olivaceo (Olivaceous Piculet)

The olive woodpecker, Colombian carpenter or olive Picolete is an almost endemic bird of Colombia (Picumus olivaceus). It is a tiny carpenter, slightly similar to a climber with a short and chiseled beak and short tail. Its plumage is not so remarkable: olive brown above and more pale below. You can see the dark brown crown with small white spots. Both sexes are similar to each other, but the males have an orange patch in the crown.

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Flagship species; Rupicola peruvianus, Gallito de Roca (Andean Cock – of – the – rock )

The Santa Maria Municipality is located in the area of Vallede Tensa, Boyaca Department. It counts with a wide altitudinal range and several ecosystems with a broad altitudinal range and several y varied ecosystems and a very interesting gamma of tourism nature. Besides, it is a region with beautiful and cute landscapes, constituted by majestic mountains and their respective branches and slopes.

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Insignia species: Sunallaxis subpudica, Chamicero Cundiboyacense (silvery-throated Snetail)

It is an species of birds that lives in eastern Andes of the north Colombia, between the departments Cundinamarca and Boyaca. It lives between 2,000 and 3,000 msnm, in the edges of the mountain forests, bushes forests, scrubs and hedges. The population of the Cundiboyacense Chamicero has decreased significantly as a result of the transformation of its habitat by the human activity.

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In Colombia there are more than 1937 species of birds. 79 have been cataloged as endemic. 193 as semi-endemic including 5 species for the isles (Source Institute of research of Biological Resources Alexander von Humbolt, 2018); besides 623 species of amphibians, 467 species of mammals, 3274 species of day lepidoptera, 518 species of reptiles and more than 4270 species of orchids resident in Colombia.

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Ortalis columbiana - Rafael Humberto Gonzalez Moreno
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Flagship species: Colombian Ortalis: Andean Guacharaca (Colombian Chachalaca)

Andean Guacharacas, also known as Colombian pavones -turkey-, counts with three endemic species. The sighting route presented now provides a great experience in the sighting of this birds and an excellent possibility to photograph them. The group habits of “guacharacas”, as well as their songs that sound in the distance are characteristics that facilitate their identification in the field. The population of Guacharacas are limited to fragmented patches of the wet jungles, dry and wet tropical forests typical of the Colombian Andean regions.

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